Tagebuch mit Bildern

Diary with pictures


Per-Mo'bile Up to Date

Ch. Time for a Little Sin
Schwedische Whippet Sprint-Lizenz
Besitzerin: I.-L. Andersson, Schweden

Rüden Hündinnen
Time for Destiny's Flip Time for Destiny's Delight
Time for Destiny's Pleasure Time for Destiny's Design
Time for Destiny's Vision




Per-Mo'bile Up to Date Per-Mo'bile Yeoman Per-Mo'bile Scandinavian Dynamite Ch. Houghtonhill Orbit
Per-Mo'bile Pipperoo Pal
Ch. Per-Mo'bile Unreal O'Red Per-Mo'bile Ricky Tick Dick
Per-Mo'bile Ovation For Olivia
Per-Mo'bile Piece Of Cake Per-Mo'bile Elton The Entertainer Rabbit Busters Cyclone
Per-Mo'bile Zinger O'zing
Per-Mo'bile Dark Red Velvet Ch. Almansor's Ironman
Per-Mo'bile Velvet In Red
Ch. Time for a Little Sin Dollipop's Blue Moon of Kentucky Ch. Almansor's Isley Brother Ch. Oakbark Midnight Mint
Ch. Silkstone Finesse
Almansor's Kentucky Fried Chicken Ch. Almansor's Ironman
Ch. Almansor’s Honky Tonk Woman
Ch. Almansor’s Magic Moments Ch. Silkstone Secret Gold Ch. Millwold Gold Dust to Exhurst
Silkstone Portrait of Love
Ch. Almansor’s Honky Tonk Woman Ch. Fly du Manoir de la Grenouillère
Ch. Silkstone Finesse